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SCANIA 143M & R2009



As i dont really like, for some different reasons, the delivereds sound within the mods, i’ll modified them in order to fit my taste and some real sounds i’ve listened to in Truck Meetings for e.g. I will not call this “super”, “perfect” or “ultimate” sound either ;)…The original sound files (ogg’s) are not my work, i just remixed them and rewrote, partially for the R, the def files. I’m not intented to earn anything with this, all credits goes to the authors of those magnificent mods.

Scania 143m Verbeek sound update:

– changed diesel sound
– remixed diesel sound
– different load bass and pipe sound
– rewroten def file
– INT ONLY! Interior is also exterior sound
– 1 full mod with new sound integrated
– 1 standalone sound pack
– added also 2 chip tuned engines, R400 with 460hp and R500 with 580hp
(dont replaces existing sounds)
– Sound fixed to 143m Model, dont replace any other sound

Copy full or sound update only to your mod folder and activate

Scania R V8 update from icemans Sound pack v12:

– now standalone
– sound model got new name (scaniaV8), it dont replace any other sound
using /scania/ as model name
– rebalanced diesel sounds
– different pipe sound
– remixed bass load sound
– minor tweaks

Have a look to the short videos (videos may process a while)

DOWNLOAD LINK: click here

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