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Scania R730 Topline v 2.2 [MP]


He was converted by me from the current ETS2 Game and only serves the purpose to be able to pull the trailer Kroeger SRB35.

All previous trailer that can be downloaded, I have not tested (hands me the standard trailer completely).

The truck got a nice “standard-gloss” finish and various chrome parts.Likewise, the behavior of a truck chassis and has been adjusted accordingly.

This means that the Scania also compresses “right.”

Direct front and center line and opposite the name of the truck hasAll-wheel drive.

Standard illumination without unnecessary additional lamps is available and sufficient for the mod I think of all times, otherwise the whole look is ruined.

So far I have not tested all the entries were written in the log file LS13. Not in communication with the Abfahrhelfer.

Should again expect but errors are enrolled, please first check your own mods or test the first truck as a standalone mod.

Moreover, I do not know if the pack is the way it is now MP compatible, since I no multiplayer.

Thus this stage I Modpaket as a single-player mod.


Original ETS 2 (SCS Software)
Beleuchtungs Script v3.1.1 von Sven777b

Download: Scania R730 Topline []
Download: Scania R730 Topline []

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