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Scania V8 HKL Pack Mod



Hello Dear Mitbauern

For you today from Workshop Manager’s Workshop Modding

The Scania V8 at an unbeatable price of only € 148,000

In a Shapely White Red applications

for special facilities include full leather trim in 2 colors

LED clear rear lamps

Rounding out anything with a ring spring clutch at the rear

Structure variant hook

Boom is operated to the N and M keys,

In addition Bel3.1 is installed

And there is only today the container for a mere € 10,000 to

This can load grain corn and chaff!

and comes in a beautiful red.

And if they Immediate download,

they get the Agroliner ITS26 with this

for (I’ll Crazy) bargain price of only € 59,000

Also this structure has a Abrollkipp operated with the keys N and M

And believe it or not STVO device.

And now the less beautiful!

It is not allowed to change this pack or upload.

Only the download link to use.

This pack is only here at and | to get his com. Upload all alien’s are deleted directly from the hosting provider.

Shares will also not enter because the pack is still beta!


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