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Scania V8 HKL Pack v 1.0 Beta [SP]



Hello Dear Mitbauern

For you today from Workshop Manager’s Workshop Modding

The Scania V8 at an unbeatable price of only € 148,000

In a Shapely White Red applications

for special facilities include full leather trim in 2 colors

LED clear rear lamps

Rounding out anything with a ring spring clutch at the rear

Structure variant hook

Boom is operated to the N and M keys,

In addition Bel3.1 is installed

And there is only today the container for a mere € 10,000 to

This can load grain corn and chaff!

and comes in a beautiful red.

And if they Immediate download,

they get the Agroliner ITS26 with this

for (I’ll Crazy) bargain price of only € 59,000

Also this structure has a Abrollkipp operated with the keys N and M

And believe it or not STVO device.

And now the less beautiful!


Modell Scania: SCS / Werkstattleiter
Textur: Werkstattleiter
Modell Container und ITS26: Eifok Team
Scripte: Giants / Sven777b / Werkstattleiter / Eifok Team
Danke an Ben und skydancer für Rat und Unterstützung

Download Scania V8 HKL Pack v 1.0 Beta ( original link

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