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Schlüter Super 1500V



– Animated steering
– Animated fittings
– Animated hydraulic
– Rear hydraulic lifts off when the drawbar which is hooked
– Roof a / hideable
– Switchable wheel and front weights
– BelV31 ( turn signal and brake light )
– Front fender a / faded out , steering adapts
– Realistic exhaust smoke
– realisticIndoorCam

Remodeling after LS13 : model eicher
model eicher

Information about the model :
Vram usage : 10.95MB
Objects in the i3d : 104
Size of Zip : 9,2 MB
Information about the original :
The Super 1500 V was the first model with the iconic 8 -cylinder engine SDM110W8 , initially as this without turbochargers . With its 9503ccm engine capacity he served initially 130PS to 150PS , as in this tractor.
In the version with 150HP it reached a maximum torque of 638Nm/1300rpm His weight is 6500kg , a true giant of 1966-1969 .

It is expressly undesirable that this mod is newly remodeled uploaded without permission from me or not converted!

Have fun with the Schlüter wishes you a model eicher


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