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Schlüter Super 1600TVL Mod



[MR] Schlüter Super 1600TVL High Speed Credits: Model: schlueterfan1977Ingame: schlueterfan1977 / modelleicherKonvertiert in LS13: model eicher installation of the MR: model eicher scripts in using: model eicher (realisticIndoorCam, realExhaustParticleSystemVMR, RadsturzV2, zylinderV2, all-wheel shaft animation, SchlueterAnimations, hydraulicAnimations, visibilityByAttachedObject) Sven777b (BelV31, toggleAnimatedParts ) MoreRealistic Specializations: DuralFeatures: – BelV31 animated fittings animated front-realistic exhaust smoke-realisticIndoorCamera-switchable front weights (bring more weight in the MR) – MoreRealistic 1:1 scale mod data of the original Schlüter Super 1600TVL High Speed: Year: 1992! , Engine: MAN D0826LE503, displacement: 6,871 ccmLeistung: 160PS at 2200Umdrehungen, Speed: 50km/hDaten to Mod: Vram Usage: 15.89 MBObjekte in the i3d: 76Größe the zip: 23.37 MB


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