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Schlüter Super Pack Mod


I present here on behalf schlueterfan1977 and panic Racker Schlüter Super Pack # 1 for download.

The first Schlüter Pack

After much deliberation and a survey of modding world, we have (u schlueterfan1977 panic Racker) us

decided to share these new Schlüter with you.

This pack contains the following vehicles are included:

————————————————– ———————————-

-> Schlüter Super 950 (rear)

-> Schlüter Super 1250 V (wheel)

-> Schlüter Super 1500 TV (wheel)

-> Schlüter Super 2000 TV (wheel)

It should not stay on Modhoster can not be compared with this one previously uploaded Schlüter here unmentioned. In the pictures they look similar, but there are completely new tractor / models. The textures are much better and the level of detail is for example. the engine is much higher. I ask to consider the on comments, thank you 😉

Modding World Original Download: Schlüter Super Pack # 1

Have fun with the mods – Expect the unexpected


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