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Schlüter Supertrac 2200TVL LS



Good evening ..

Since it earlier when Schlueter Super 1050V have a small glitch with a small error , I have here as a compensation equal to another Schlüter Supertrac 2200TVL – LS from schlueterfan1977 for you. Although schlueterfan1977 has pulled completely out of the LS Community back we could agree on that it would be a shame if his mods disappear forever on his hard drive or perhaps even rumgetauscht of any people .
Therefore, at this point still a big thank you to schlueterfan1977 that I may make his mods to the DL .

Open doors and windows –
– Front weights switchable
– Fully animated front axle and four-wheel shaft
– Fully animated rear hydraulics
– Animated fittings
– Realistic exhaust smoke
– realisticIndoorCam
– Work light front and back as well as BelV31 ( indicators, hazard lights )
– Realistic camber
– Pflugmod

This mod is in 1:1 scale .
Data for Mod:
Polys : some, but every single exactly where it belongs
Vram usage : 17.87MB
Number of objects in the i3d : 94
Size of the zip : 11.7 MB


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