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Square bales package v 1.1 MR [MP]



Note: This mod package is for the MoreRealistic mod ( )




The package contains

  •  Claas Quadrant 1200 – baler of ‘cubic’ bales
  • Krassort – trailers for bale transport
  • ET-Agrar bale fork – best suited for square bales; a version for tele and one for front loader



What was changed compared to the non-MR version?


Claas Quadrant 1200

  • Adjusted limit for clogging the pick-up – swaths of Lexion 770er can be pressed with a speed of roughly 10km / h
  • Capacity of bales
  • Collision of bales
  • Animation of the ball track



  • Script for attaching/holding the bale has been removed because it is no longer needed. The bales may fall out of the trailer, if you drive much too fast (especially roundbales) . However, normally they stay where they should.


ET- agricultural bale fork

  • Script for the attaching/holding the bale has been removed because it is no longer needed.
  • Optimized distribution of weight => The fork stuck now literally on the front loader, even if you transport four bales !
  • In conjunction with the latter point and the new collision of square bales from the quadrant it no longer happens that one of the prongs breaks through the bales => Frustration- free work possible!



Notes about using the Quadrant:


  • Bale slide to be folded out manually before use, so you have to get off and walk back to the bale slide, where you can open it
  • PTO must be connected manually. So also get off and walk to the towbar.
  • It is possible to manually eject the bales (baler must be turned on)
  • PickUp must be lowered before straw or hay can be collected


Modelle und Texturen: daniel11
Skripte: fruktor
Änderungen für MR: fruktor

Download Square bales package v 1.1 MR ( original link

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