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Steyr 8090 Turbo Mod


Steyr 8090 Turbo SK2
-Year: 1992
Engine: 80 hp ~ 3.5l 4 cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger WD 411
-Fuel tank capacity: 80 liters
Cabin: Steyr cab comfort of the second generation (SK2)
-Transmission: Automatic Steyr powershift

IC Controlled (doors, windows, roof hatch)
Lenses (Real Lights)
Work light
-Animated dashboard
-Animated pedals
Swing axle
Co-driver scripts
Hand Animation
-Animated exhaust valve (only for MR version)
A big thank you goes to MB 3D Modeling for the release of the model!
The Mod Must Not Become Uploaded New!
The Real Lights Are Needed!


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