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Tenias Archive

Tenias Low Loader 5 Axis Mod

  Features: Length: Total 14m, 11,2m Recessed Platform. Low-Floor Width: 2550 Mm, With Telescopic

Aguas Tenias CTA20L Mod

  Features: Capacity: 20.000 Liters Working width: 20 meters. Recharge via standard hose and

Pack Low Loader Aguas Tenias Mod

  Features: European Version: Length: Total 12m, 11,2m recessed platform.   American Version: Length:

Aguas Tenias Galera

Aguas Tenias Galera 2 Axis 20T Mod Features: Crops: wheat, barley, rape, maize, potato,

Horca Tenias Mod

  part of Big Boss Modding team. A gallows for bales of the brand