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Talmap Mod


H ere I present you my Talmap for download. It is a small map that is ideal for single player or multiplayer round with 2-3 people. The slopes are all More Realistic built friendly.

F eatures:

  • Pixels per unit to 1
  • 1 small village
  • 1 Machine and grain traders
  • 1 yard with cow pasture
  • Grain storage
  • More Realistic friendly slopes
  • small to medium sized fields and meadows
  • Sheep and chickens are installed but only run as “decoration” around
  • Biogas plant
  • small wood for the Forstmod
  • Forestry buildings are already installed
  • many small details
  • Herbicides mod is installed
  • Slurry / manure mod is installed
  • Workshop for the Schadensmod is available, but only for decoration

Download link:

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