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Trailer Pack Mod



Here is my trailer Pack LS13 …
! … File 1x unpacked and contents, 9 single folder in the modfolder …!
Trailer do NOT have a real model!

wheat rape maize barley oat triticale rye sunflower soybean poppy fertilizer

flour beer pastry frit whiskey (moonshine map suitable)

wheat rape maize barley chaff grass oat triticale rye soybean sugarbeet potato carrot sunflower silage manure fertilizer

Tank container Stony:
milk water (can be used to empty water are pumped into the field)

Stolt Tank Containers:
biodiesel (Moonshine Map suitable)

Container HH & NYK:
wheat barley carrot potato fertilizer maize rape sunflower sugarbeet beer whiskey flour pastry frit beer

Low loader (small on request):
FAST keeps everything firmly what one makes it

Cattle Trailer:

* Log … clean …

Have fun with it … TheSecretLife


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