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Unimog 1600 Agrar V 1.5.0


Mods Management:

W – driven forward / brakes.
S – driven forward / brakes.
A – rotate right.
D – is rotated to the left.
Numpad Enter – start / shut-off.
F (1X) – front bottom and middle light.
F (2X) – front bottom and middle light + front upper and rear.
F (3X) – turned off all the lights.
Numpad 1 – on / off the left turn signal.
Numpad 3 – on / off the right turn signal.
Numpad 2 – on / off alarm.
Q – implement or trailer hitch.
0 – an audible signal.
U – on / off all-wheel-drive system.
The left mouse button, and its shifting (as well as the N and S) – moved the rear hydraulics.

Mods errors:

Lights do not work.

Mods speeds:

In the first level: 7-8 mph
The second level: 11-12 mph
The third level (maximum speed): 48-49 mph
The fourth level: 5-6 mph

Mods are:

After getting off without stalling.
Fuel tank – 119l
Price – $ 46,800
Ability to enable all-wheel drive.
Cling implements and trailers.
Running MP mode.

Modifications author:

Modeleliavo: Maxter
Textures created by: Maxter
InGame: Maxter Thank dank an Martl!
Wheels built: Luis Thanks to Koedel
Solution: Face, Bayn, Sven777b, Templear
Convert: Domantas (I).

Download: Unimog 1600 Agrar V 1.5.0 []
Download: Unimog 1600 Agrar V 1.5.0 []

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