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Volvo FH12 HKL Mod



Here is my TSL Volvo FH12 4 -axle LS13 HKL …

* Bel v3.1
* Work light front
* Vmax 70km / h depending on trailer weight and weight
* Trailerattacher normal / low
* switchable weight … but not necessary
* realExhaustParticleSystem
* … and other little things

Approval for HVAC of Hewaaa is available !
It fit the HKL from the pack from the Hewaaa example :
HKL Pack Hewaaa

* Log clean … Patch2.0DE_PublicBeta4

Have fun with it … TheSecretLife

It is forbidden to upload this mod again , not even in modified form !

Please use the original download link!


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