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Volvo FH16 2012 Wood with Trailer



Volvo FH 16 with trailer 2012 SCS, 
Conversion Timber131 TTM 
The mod was created for the Forstmod 
the loading crane from the Forstmod is only a temporary solution, 
The crane must be purchased and can then be coupled 
the crane column on the truck can be executed with M / N on mar. 
from the truck to be driven must be selected. 
it will follow a Z-Crane and Div. Ugrades 
The zip file please unzip it is a template 
thereby changing the color of the trucks 
before leaving the crane Games 
rotate or detach to the rear. 
Scripts: gotchTOM, model eicher, Sven777b, Manuel leithner, rafftnix & FireAndIce 
Credits: Timber131, Trabby76 


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