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Weem – FS2013 single player or MP Map v 1.0 [MP]





A single player map with just 9 fields, also suitable for Multiplayer.

All default crops, nothing has been added.

Cow zone and Sheep zone have been moved closer to the farm, and only three sell points, all closer to the farm too.

Sell the wool, and the Egss at the Mill, the eggs at the trigger, and the wool pallet can be set down on the sell point to the ledt of the buildings.

No mods are needed, this map uses all default equipment, and any mod you want to add.

Most of the ground textures, and the Grass textures are new.

Included is a “Fun” stunt field for racing aroun over jumps with the ATV or anything else you wish to use.

The farm shop has also been moved closer to the farm.

You will find while playing that a lot of running around between places has been kept to a minimum, and the space between fields is less too. Hedges and fences are now between most fields. There are only 9 fields, and the first one has been paid for. The rest you will need to buy ­čśŤ

I hope you enjoy playing Weem…… based on, and using the default map, but built entirely from the ground up in a new layout.

Changelog / Fixed

Textures missing in tunnel.
Possible Textures missing for Steam players.
Driving through water Fixed.


Download Weem – FS2013 single player or MP Map v 1.0

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