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Winter snow valley2 v 2.0 [MP]





Hello LS -Com
In the mountains because now begins the winter , you can click on this map still earn a lot of money on winter service. To their needs , the modpack .
You must prepare to evacuate slopes and snow on the roads in the mountainous region .
Money for that there at the yard or at the base of the ski lifts .
There are about every 3 days of snow.
The rest of the map consists of a fictitious hilly area where you can pursue your normal during the field work .
The fields are not all rectangular and must therefore often be prepared for the helper.
You start here already as a medium-sized company with a modern fleet .
Look there for 2 farms , one of which is designed as a farm with breeding calves and lambs . to their needs from the Zuchtanlagenmod Marhu
the Filltrigger for the milk to the milk tank is installed the cow pasture .
There are open spaces with no grass to place the equipment in addition to the pastures of the pups , and some open spaces for other mods or placeable building .
Sold at: warehouse , freight station , Noem , BGA with manure and straw power plant acceptance in the silos , and a slaughterhouse for pigs.
At the train beets and potatoes can be unloaded and then loaded into the wagons wheel loader , it then also you get twice the retail price.
The growing season for grass is extremely increased so that you have enough time to also make hay.
All workstations are equipped with enough light so that it is not a problem even at night to work .

Sugar beet and potato sales by wagon load ( double price)
Pig of Marhu
Slurry manure mod
freight train
Flying flock of ducks
Automatic car wash
Straw and grass Stock
since there are now plenty to do is rotting off !

The map is an extension of the two- Valley Map

Helpful links :
Transport of pigs :


allen moddern deren Objekte ich verwendet habe

Download Winter snow valley2 v 2.0 ( original link

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