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WoolPalette Collector v 1.3.1 [SP]



The WoolPaletteCollector sammlet the full pallets from palletSpawner wool, that are free for the next pallet without the need to constantly go freizuräumen him.

The collector must be installed with the GE, he was gepeichert still with the old GE (5.0.1) and thus runs without beta patch 2.0.

Its size is due to a modular design, each decide for yourself.

An illustrated Anlaitung lies with the downloads.

The problem with automatic load with the Transport professionals pack the pallets are not new was immediately fixed with. The pallets can now be loaded directly.

I wish all a lot of fun with it.


Modelle: Marhu
Script: Marhu

Download WoolPalette Collector v 1.3.1 (

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